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GuitarCapo+ video review (of sorts)

I’ve written about GuitarCapo+ before and it sure has advanced since then. Now it’s not only an amazing virtual instrument, but it’s a priceless educational tool for guitarists both young and old. I’m also pleased to say that the developer of this app is welcoming of constructive criticism. As a fan of the app it’s encouraging to see your suggestions are listened to and implemented (if sensible).

I have some crazy ideas from time to time.

GuitarCapo+ for iOS—a virtual instrument and a whole lot more

Every now and then I am lucky enough to come across something before it’s officially released. Not in the illegal torrent kind of way either. I’m talking about when a developer lets me know that I may be interested in something guitar related they’ve developed. To be fair, if it is guitar related, I’m interested. I’ll often let developers know this by saying “You had me at guitar”.

What I really look forward to though are those awesome moments when I come across something new (before its official release) that I love. The upcoming version of GuitarCapo+ is one of those somethings. Yes, a change is coming for this app.