AmpKit Presets

According to my website analytics, a large portion of my tiny website traffic comes from people looking for my AmpKit presets. As much as I am keen for people to go from one page to another on my website, I would hate for that to only happen because they’re looking for one thing and they can’t find it. So, here are all the AmpKit presets I’ve created and shared on one handy web page.


Download instructions

Make sure you are viewing this page in the same iOS device you have AmpKit installed on. If you are, you should be able to click the links above and see an option for Open in “AmpKit”. Clicking that option will install the preset to AmpKit automatically.

Xion skins

If you’re lucky* enough to be on the Windows operating system like me, then you should be using the Xion audio player to handle all of your auditory enjoyment requirements. Xion is an awesome audio player that allows for the creation of mind blowing interfaces (skins) that enable users to have something on their desktop that not only plays music, but does so in style. It also works with the skins I’ve made. View and download them below if you’re so inclined.

* Lucky probably isn’t really accurate. Sorry.


The Amplified skin comprises four different amplifier styles in the one pack. You can easily alternate between the standard black amplifier with a full colour pedalboard to a tweed amplifier, metal amplifier and Orange coloured amplifier. Each skin features a speaker cabinet that animates to the beat of your music. The louder the music the more the speakers vibrate.



The 555 skin is one I created many years ago for a John 5 desktop theme I created. This skin is incredibly basic and features a spinning John 5 logo.



RocketDock is a cool little Windows dock for those of us who don’t like to see icons all over their desktop. It also allows you to create your own themes for the dock. Such as these guitar and amplifier versions I created. They’re free.


A RocketDock theme that represents the maple neck awesomeness of an electric guitar. both ends of the dock feature string-through desktop wallpaper technology.


SB-1, SB-2, SB-50 and SB-100

These docks all represent an amplifier head (SB-50 and SB-100) and a guitar pedal (SB-1 and SB-2). The SB-1 and the SB-50 are designed to sit on the bottom of your desktop while the SB-2 and the SB-100 are designed for the top of the desktop.