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Six Scary questions—Campfire Guitar

Way back in 2014—OK that wasn’t really that long ago—I came across the very cool folks from Campfire Guitar. I quickly discovered their passion for teaching people how easy it is to play guitar and also provide them with an impressively high quality first acoustic guitar. I say first because I can’t imagine anybody just having one guitar. Ever.

To help you learn more about these talented people and their passionate project, I put together another set of six scary questions. They’re still not scary questions to be honest, but this isn’t Sixty Minutes. I don’t hear a stopwatch. Do you?

On to the questions and the answers as provided by Danny Procopis, Co-founder at Campfire Guitar

Six scary questions—TonApp As

I was lucky enough to have come across Jon-Morten from TonApp As on Twitter last year and then discover the very cool iOS app he had developed called GuitarCapo+ (which you’ve no doubt seen me write about and make a video for). I’m a big fan of GuitarCapo+ so I was very excited when Jon-Morten agreed to participate in my Six Scary Questions article series. So, if you’re interested in seeing what makes TonApp As tick and potentially see what’s in store, read on.

If you’re a guitar lover, you may love the ending. I do. Ssshhh …

Six scary questions—Moniker Guitars

Today I am very pleased to say that I have six awesome responses to six scary (they’re not really) questions I put to the talented folks at Moniker Guitars. If you haven’t heard of Moniker Guitars then you’re either on the wrong website right now, have never read anything I’ve written here, never seen my Instagram posts or simply require some edumacation (real word). Never fear dear reader, I’m here for you.

Moniker Guitars simply make the greatest customised guitars this side of anything. Yes, anything. They made my Scarebear Reedsdale in 2013. I’m hoping they’ll one day make me another guitar. I probably need to talk to my wife about that at some stage. Who knows, they could make your next guitar. To help you find out out more about them and their skills, read on as Kevin Tully from Moniker Guitars provides answers.

You may just enjoy yourself.

Evangelos Koudonas—Interviewed Scarebear style!

I have done a few articles which I labelled Six scary questions recently and I feel incredibly lucky to have done those (I’ve interviewed some really amazing companies). I love that the Internet makes so many people so accessible. I also love that the Internet makes so many talented people known to me. That recently got me thinking that there are some people out there that I’ve come across on Twitter and/or Facebook that are clearly too talented to be as unknown as they are. I can’t do anything to fix that, but I can ask them a series of questions to see if they’re willing to share a bit about themselves for anybody who is interested.

Evangelos Koudonas is one of those people. Luckily for me, he agreed to an online chat which I’ll call an interview. It makes me feel like I’m a journalist.

Six scary questions—Dialtone Pickups

The six scary questions series continues with these new questions and answers that the awesome people at Dialtone Pickups agreed to make happen. Well, I made the questions happen. They made the answers happen. You know how these things work. Perhaps what you don’t know is who Dialtone Pickups is? Perhaps you don’t know what they have on offer? Perhaps you don’t know how six scary questions equates to seven questions. Many of these questions will be answered below. Enjoy the learning.

You’re welcome.