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Roland Corporation Australia teaches you the modes (for guitar)

If you’ve read the bio I apply to myself here or on any social media site I frequent, you’ll know that I rate my guitar playing skills fairly low. Actually, I’m terrible. Maybe that’s because I don’t practice much. Never have.

I suppose when you put it out there like that it makes perfect sense. Well luckily for me, the Roland Corporation Australia Blog has a new article series (it just finished) that is an introduction to modes for guitarists. Seems perfect for me.

Rock Prodigy—awesome Blog content

I’ve written before about Rock Prodigy‘s initial iOS app collection and their PC software option for guitarists wanting to improve their playing skills. They were also kind enough to answer my six scary questions. This company is quite honestly one of my favourite guitar companies. They’re not only creating very cool software, they’re doing it to assist people with their guitar playing skills. There are many levels to their software allowing beginners through to experienced guitarists to learn something new and exciting. What’s not to love there?

More importantly though, they also give away many lessons through their Blog. Kudos to them I say.

Audio interfaces. Who knew there were so many!?

I’ve been playing guitar terribly for many years now. I’ve also been recording my terrible guitar playing using various iOS interfaces and the apps I love for many years. Lately I decided it was time to try and record my material onto the PC using a USB audio interface. Little did I know exactly what I was getting myself into. I assumed I could simply search the Interweb for USB audio interface and pick the obvious recommendation that was suggested. I’d have liked for that to happen, but no. It seems there are multiple options each seemingly as good as each other. Damn you Interweb!

So what could I do? The answer seemed pretty obvious to me. Just ask the Interweb to decide for you. Easy right!?