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52 Amplifiers—the summary

Another year and another 52 series completed. Who knew there’d be 52 different amplifier head manufacturers out there able to produce high quality amplifier heads (all tube) that would match my home playing/recording needs? I sure didn’t. Obviously I was hopeful—imagine how lame a 52 article series would be with ten articles in it—but I sure wasn’t confident initially.

Luckily the Interwebs and the many talented tube head amplifier manufacturers came to save the day. In the end I—no, we—end up with this list of 52 amplifier head options for people like me who are searching for their first low wattage and/or affordable all-tube amplifier head. Or all-valve if that’s the lingo your prefer. I go both ways (talking tubes/valves here).

So, onto the complete list.

52 Amplifier Heads, week 52—EVH 5150 III 50-watt head

Today marks the end of this weekly series of dream amplifier heads. I’ve mentioned before that I wanted to end on a high and the EVH 5150 III 50-watt head is certainly going to do that. Is it bigger than any other amplifier I’ve written about in this series? Absolutely. Was it recommended to me several times during the year as I researched amplifier heads? Definitely. Does it allow me to make the sequence 52, 51, 50 (week # followed by amplifier name)? Damn straight it does. I’m clever like that.

52 Amplifier Heads, week 51—Rivera Pubster 25

This week’s amplifier head is a beauty. It’s 25 watts (so not the smallest amplifier I’ve looked at) and it is apparently perfect for practice, recording and gigging. This could be the right size (physically and volume related) and the right budget (coming in around $1000 USD). Maybe my first all tube amplifier head could be the only one I need! With the Rivera Pubster 25 it seems like a possibility.

Good thing my wife never reads this blog. Who’d seriously suggest stopping any kind of gear acquisition no matter how many pieces of gear you already had?! Not I.

52 Amplifier Heads, week 50—Bugera Amps G5 Infinium

Week 50 and that means this is the 50th amplifier manufacturer I have written about this year. Who knew there were 50 amplifier manufacturers out there? Initially I didn’t. Then I started this article series and before I knew it my mind was blown. I did wonder if the article series would fade and wane at the end like a cheap and nasty 10 watt solid state amplifier. The further I delved into my research however the more confident I was that this series would end on a high. The Bugera Amps G5 Infinium makes me feel like one cocky bastard. My confidence was justified.

With two amplifiers to go after this week’s article, it’s game on! Bugera Amps has laid down the challenge (they just don’t know they did that).

52 Amplifier Heads, week 49—Carl’s Custom Amps Lite 18 Watt Plexi

One of the things I’ve decided this year is that when I do work out what valve amp to buy next year, it need not be one of the most popular brands. It could be, but it doesn’t have to be. There are just so many options. For example, the Carl’s Custom Amps Lite 18 Watt Plexi is not only a custom built amplifier, it’s a custom built amplifier with options. And for what you’re selecting, I think they’re pretty damn affordable.

It’s on the list.