Month: October 2015

52 pedals, week 34—EarthQuaker Devices Tentacle

This entry is going to perhaps be the simplest, shortest and most basic of entries in this series so far. It’s not because I’m lazy (although I am). It’s not because as I write this it’s late and I have work tomorrow (although it is and I do). No, it’s because sometimes you need simple. Sometimes you need no-fuss. That’s exactly what the EarthQuaker Devices Tentacle pedal is. No-fuss, octave up at the push of one button.

It’s time to get your groove on.

52 pedals, week 33—Tortuga Effects Death Adder

I’m just going to start by saying I’m all for a guitar pedal that claims it’s like being bitten in the face by a snake. Brutal. I like that. If you’re going to build a distortion pedal it probably needs to be brutal So the name Death Adder seems fitting to me. Well played Tortuga Effects.

Luckily us Australians have been known to say that we’re fanging for something if we like it. Seems fitting here, because I like the sound of this pedal. #want

Grover Allman Tru Grip plectrums

I’ll be honest. I sometimes wonder why I keep this Blog alive. I have less time every day to dedicate to guitar playing let alone writing. Every now and then though, I see something in my email that once again makes my ears raise like evil little horns. Something that makes me pay attention and say “Ooh! Now that looks cool!” The Grover Allman Tru Grip plectrums were such attention seeking pieces of awesome.

When I received a package of custom branded Tru Grip plectrums in the mail though … Well that day saw a few guitars receive the play time they’d been screaming for for so long.

I think if guitars screamed louder on their own I’d pay more attention to them. But they don’t. Good thing I got my Tru Grip plectrums then.

52 pedals, week 31—Oddfellow FX Caveman Overdrive 2

It’s another overdrive pedal. Shock! I like my overdriven guitars, ok?! But maybe I play clean every now and then and I need to boost that sound. Nobody likes it soft. It doesn’t matter if it’s clean or dirty. Go hard or go home. Well with the Oddfellow Caveman Overdrive 2 pedal you can most likely go hard at home.

I may have been overcome with innuendos there. Sorry. Not sorry.