Month: September 2015

52 pedals, week 28—Way Huge Supa-Puss

One of the rules for this 52 pedals series is that each pedal must be from a unique pedal manufacturer. Another rule is that I will write a new article each week. We all know how that second rule is going this year. Well the first rule stands strong. I’m a man of integrity. Limited integrity, but integrity all the same. That’s why today’s pedal—the Supa-Puss by Way Huge breaks no rules at all.

The fact that Way Huge is a Jim Dunlop company and that I’ve already included a Dunlop pedal in this series means nothing at all.

Integrity intact.

Chicken Picks—Not scary at all

Recently I purchased one of each variety from the Chicken Picks range. That’s three from the Original Series and four from the Tritone III Series. I have to say they take some getting used to, but once you do, they may become your plectrum of choice—if you are interested in incredibly long lasting and easy to grip plectrums that is. I honestly think that there has to be one plectrum from the seven I tried that will suit everyone. It all comes down to playing style I believe.

By the way, I was going to call this a scary review. You know, because I’m using the name Scarebear. But I realised the review isn’t scary. It’s rather normal actually. Unlike the Chicken Picks plectrums. They’re not normal. They’re better than that. But not scary. Not scary at all.

52 pedals, week 27—Blakemore Effects R.O.U.S.

Has it been a week already since the last one of these posts?! Oh that will never get old with me. I suck at scheduling these posts this year. Must be my age. Anyhow, something that is not affected by age is distortion. Ever since the first caveman plugged a club into an amplifier, distortion has been king. It’s the reason there are no more dinosaurs.

This is not based on evidence, but a theory I have which nobody has been able to disprove.

What I hope I will be able to prove though is that the R.O.U.S. pedal by Blakemore Effects is a kickass pedal. I’ll do that with words and video (of other more talented people than me). Who knows, you may walk away from this article feeling the need to get yourself one of these pedals. I know I do (and I haven’t even finished the article!)

Did you miss me?! No … Me either

52 Pedals. That article series certainly isn’t going to plan is it? I’ve covered 26 different pedal manufacturers which sounds like a small victory, but it isn’t. I could say “Yes! Half way there!”, but as far as the calendar year goes, we are actually in week 37. Epic fail. I have some serious catch-up to do—and right after the last post I made about catching up! Oh well.

I could say I’ve been busy doing all kinds of cool guitar related things. That would be an acceptable excuse right? “I hand carved a solid body electric guitar using nothing but a whittling knife!” … But I’d be lying. The past month or so has simply been real-world chaos. But I’m hopefully now on top of all of that. Why? How? Good questions. I don’t have the answers because I’m not that smart. What I will say though is this. There are new articles, pictures and possible audio/video to come.

Excitement. I can feel it in the air*.