Month: May 2015

52 pedals, week 21—Keeley Phase 24

Tonight (sometime) here in Sunny Queensland—that’s in Australia for the geographically challenged—a large portion of the adult population is going to be fixated on a little sporting event called State of Origin. Me, I could care less. I’m not phased at all. The only thing that phases me is a good guitar pedal. Particularly a good phase pedal. Good thing I discovered the Keeley Phase 24 then! It’s delivering 2 and 4 stage phasing like nobody’s business. I think it may be in a league* of its own.

* Yes, this week’s article is going to full of football puns. We’ll all have a ball!

Stringjoy custom guitar and bass strings

Recently I was approached by the folks at StringJoy who asked me if I wanted to try their strings out. I didn’t have to think too hard or long about that. I’d seen their work on Instagram and was very intrigued by the concept of custom string sets. I was especially interested in their ability to provide custom string sets for 7-string guitars. As a recent owner of a 7-string guitar, I jumped at the opportunity.

So far I’m very glad I did. These strings are truly amazing. They’re so good I don’t want to change the first set out yet!

52 pedals, week 20—Chuck Pedals Blue Dream

I had a dream once—weekly, regularly timed posts about 52 guitar pedals I admire. That’s not working out too good so far. Perhaps the Chuck Pedals Blue Dream reverb pedal will give me the inspiration I need to get back on track. It may. If it doesn’t, it will still be a pedal I admire and add to the list of pedals I’d love to call my own. It will do that right … now.

52 pedals, week 19—JOYO Gate of Kahn (Noise Gate)

If you’ve been sticking with me for this year’s series of 52, then you’ll have noticed a few things. Firstly, I’m often behind in my scheduled weekly posts. Secondly, I’ve been focusing a lot on overdrive and distortion pedals. I can’t help it. I love distortion and overdrive (in that order to be honest). But a good part of any overdriven sound is the silence in-between. That’s why today I’ve decided to cut all unnecessary noise by suggesting I’d like the JOYO Gate of Kahn (Noise Gate).

You can therefore expect this week’s article to be a lot shorter as well. Less noise and all.