Month: October 2014

Pro Tone Pedals Dead Horse Overdrive Halloween weekend sale

A couple of years ago Pro Tone Pedals had a pretty big sale which saw the Skumstortion pedal at an insanely cheap price. I snapped it up as soon as I saw the price. I remember because I was at my mother-in-law’s house fixing her computer when I tested her Internet connection by accessing Facebook. It was there I saw the pedal sale post.

I bought the pedal and then continued fixing the computer. Priorities.

Luckily for you all, Pro Tone Pedals is having another crazy moment. For the weekend that is Halloween-filled, Pro Tone Pedals is selling its Dead Horse Overdrive for just $149.00. If you have the money and don’t buy the pedal, you may kick yourself afterwards.

52 Amplifier Heads, week 44—3rd Power Dream Solo 2

As I continue on my weekly quest to find the perfect all-tube amplifier for a terrible guitarist such as myself, I do find myself asking “what exactly am I looking for?” When you break it down, most amplifiers are essentially a small cube that contains some tubes, wiring and a whole series of smarts to make all of the components generate that awesome tone we’re all searching for. Luckily, I realised today that another way to represent a cube was with the mathematical terminology of the third power. Why is that lucky you may wonder. Well that’s because I discovered 3rd Power amplifiers. They have a Dream Solo series that includes the Dream Solo 2.

I love it when I make a seemingly pointless ramble tie in to the amplifier I am writing about.

Campfire Guitars—great introduction to guitar playing

I came across the Campfire Guitar team on Twitter. I do spend a lot of time there after all. Perhaps they noticed me because I tweet a lot about guitars. Perhaps they noticed the part of my Twitter profile description that says Terrible guitar player. Whatever the reason, I’m glad we discovered each other. I think they’ve put together a very handy little program to teach people the basics of guitar playing. If I’d received the basics of guitar chords in this fashion when I was younger, I’ve little doubt I’d be a better guitarist today.

I am rather terrible after all.

52 Amplifier Heads, week 43—Sherlock Amplifiers Angry Ant

The other day this sheila I know reckoned it was hard to pick up on me accent through written words alone. “Fair suck of the sav” I said to meself. Surely I can make it obvious that I’m from strayaa. I mean fair dinkum, how’d ya combat a language barrier when you’re tryin’ to explain a dead set ripper of an amplifier head as part of ya weekly amplifier head series I pondered. “Well struth!” I said to meself. You’d hafta at least make sure ya covered an Aussie amplifier when speakin’ the lingo. So I did me some research and came across this beaut amplifier called the Angry Ant by Sherlock amplifiers.

I just hope youse all follow what I’m tellin’ ya now. I’m sure you’se will all be right as rain.