Month: September 2014

7 string guitars—what would you choose?

I love a good guitar. Truth be told, I love a bad guitar too. I just love guitars. This infatuation often has me looking into guitars I don’t have, yet want. Those lists—have-nots and wants—are massive. There are so many options to consider when looking at different guitars. Wood type, body shape, pickup type/configuration, fretboard material, bridge type and a whole lot more. What I’ve been looking into lately though—purely for my own entertainment—is the number of strings on an electric guitar. That is currently the one thing all of my guitars have in common. They’re all six string guitars (until a string breaks). So I’ve been looking into seven string guitars.

There are so many to choose from and many of them are damn affordable. Care to see which models I like the most? Yes? Well read on. Or just look at the picture at the end of this article. Either way …

52 Amplifier Heads, week 39—Swart ST-Stereo Head

I’ll be honest. This week’s amplifier head is outside my budget. But damn, the Swart ST-Stereo head is impressive. It not only has two speaker outputs, it has stereo outputs allowing you to create some seriously impressive tones and effects. How could I not include it in this series? Well I suppose not writing about it would achieve that, but I like to break the rules (when the rules are my own to start with).

Another thing I like about this amplifier head is the official line on the website which goes something like this—This is literally two separate 5w Class A Single Ended amplifiers in one chassis with the ability to drive two cabinets in stereo. Actually it goes exactly like that. Why do I love that so much? That is literally the correct use of the word literally.

My Schecter Omen 6 story

I love my Schecter Omen 6. There are many reasons for that. The most important reason is that this is the guitar my wife convinced me to buy (in a way that I’ll explain soon). Up until I purchased this guitar I had always researched my next guitar online in great detail. Not this time though. This time I knew I wanted another guitar, I just didn’t know what it was that I wanted. So I went to a local guitar store with the intention of researching what else was out there. That day I not only decided, I purchased.

52 Amplifier Heads, week 38—Revolution Amplification Bully XX

In this weekly article series for what will become my first ever all-tube amplifier head, some amplifiers are easier to research than others. Some however, like today’s Bully XX by Revolution Amplification are damn near impossible to find information on. Having said that, this amplifier appeals to me. It’s priced right, it’s a good wattage for a first amplifier head and the model I’ve selected is ultra high gain with a touch of darkness.

I like it already.