Month: July 2014

52 Amplifier Heads, week 31—The Valve 105 ‘Bimbo’ head

Valve amps. Tube amps. Same thing. It just depends where you reside mostly. Me, I use both terms. It’s as close to bilingual as I get. For today’s article however I’ll try and stick with the term valve. Why? Well the manufacturer of the amplifier I’m craving this week is The Valve Amplification. I imagine they like to use valves in their amplifiers. Especially the 105 Bimbo head. That’s the amp I want this week.

12 reasons you need multiple guitars

Over the last few days I’ve been posting pictures and asking questions on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts. Of course they’ve all been guitar related questions, but they’ve been questions with reason. By posting these photos and asking these questions I’ve compiled quite the list of reasons people need multiple guitars. I now have justification for my current collection as well as future purchases. Yes! That’s how I’ve justified it in my mind at least. If you agree, you also have the benefit of this list of reasons to refer to when justifying your next intended guitar purchase.

You’re welcome.

52 Amplifier Heads, week 27—Palmer EINS

Sometimes when researching guitar amplifiers I not only come across something that meets my criteria, I also come across a brand that markets in a way that appeals to me. It does so by being humorous. Palmer Musical Instruments is such a brand. When I first discovered their little one watt amp (the Palmer EINS) I couldn’t help but notice the website header with slogans such as fat is beautiful and who’s up for a threesome?. Of course they’re referring to tone and their triple single ended amplifier, but all the same, I was hooked.