Month: May 2014

Amaryllis release Revolt (in the most positive way)

Social media can be awesome. For example, there’s this cool website called Strumm (it’s all about guitars) that I initially came across on Twitter. I discovered this epic winning guy called Dan there. He plays guitar in a band called Amaryllis. As you can see, before I knew it I had gone from Twitter, to Strumm, back to Twitter and eventually on to the BandCamp site for Amaryllis. It was there that I discovered some truly amazing music.

Social media for the win!

52 Amplifier Heads, week 22—Dr.Z M12

I’ve mentioned in a few articles this year that I currently derive a lot of my tone through my pedals. It’s the method I’m used to. I also love experimenting with pedals to experience different sounds and styles. Therefore as I continue to research the amplifier that will become my first all-tube amplifier, it’s encouraging to find an amplifier that claims to be for players who love their pedals as much as their guitars. That’s me! Bring it on Dr.Z. I think I’m a fan of the philosophy behind the M12.

Lo-Fi Lullabies—Steve Case’s best release to date

I’ve been lucky enough to provide some graphic design assistance to Steve Case on some of his previous CD releases. Before that and since, I’ve been a fan of his dedication to what I consider honest and real music. He’s an artist and I’m glad I’ve managed to work with him. So, as I’ve done before with my previous semi-reviews of music I’ve had a bias towards, I continue with my music review series. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to experience this new EP by Steve and either be taken back to the times where people wrote songs that were long lasting or experience that sensation for the very first time. Either way, lucky you.

52 Amplifier Heads, week 20—Divided by 13 CCC 9/15

Yesterday was the 13th of May. 13 is an unlucky number for some people. Me? Not so much. I’m not superstitious (although I am pretty sure the world will end if the 8-ball keyring I’ve had since my wife gave it to me back in 1992 ever breaks). What if your amplifier was divided by 13? Well I’m pretty sure you’d be one lucky individual—especially if that amplifier was the CCC 9/15. That’s one sexy black and white all-tube amplifier.