Month: March 2014

Alpha Rhythm Generators (double album release by David Oakes)

Recently I wrote my first ever music semi-review for the Evangelos Koudonas album Into the Blue. A semi-review is when I honestly review music I most likely have a biased opinion on. Most likely biased? Well I have come to know the artist through social media. This time I’m reviewing Alpha Rhythm Generators which is a double release by David Oakes. This isn’t some random music that my editor throws on my desk to review. This is music I already like and need to inform other people about while explaining why. I should mention now that I don’t really have a desk. Or an editor. But I sure did sound important for a second there.

To the second semi-review!

52 Amplifier Heads, week 13—Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 5

If this website had colour in it, I’d say that this week’s amplifier was well suited for the blues. Because it glows a lovely shade of blue from … well, everywhere. But this website doesn’t allow colour and the Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 5 deserves a better introduction than that. Unfortunately, I write as I think and I rarely go back to amend something once I’ve put it out there. I get the feeling though that if I’d purchased this amplifier head I wouldn’t go back on that decision either.

There we go. Article saved.

iLine—seriously cool cables

I love cables. I have two large boxes filled with the cables I’ve collected over the years. These cables range from those used to connect DVD players to televisions, stereos to speakers, line splitters and cables for devices that connected to computers. Why do I have so many cables? One answer is that I’m a hoarder. Another reason is that I can never remember which cables I have because they all live together in one of two boxes. What if I could have one simple collection of cables that were not only conveniently housed, but that looked good? What if those cables were gold tipped (for increased audio goodness)? Well I say “What if nothing?!” Thanks to the IK Multimedia iLine range that’s exactly what I’ve now got.

Into the Blue (fresh new music by Evangelos Koudonas)

Regular visitors to this website know I have issues with colour. As much as possible I try to strip it from my website. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but Evangelos Koudonas has released the first album that I’ve decided to write about and included a colour in the album name. Obviously Evangelos couldn’t have known that I’d write this article, but still he has made me say Into the Blue is an outstanding album. Even if it does say blue.