Month: February 2014

Record Picks—Make music out of music

I discovered Record Picks on Twitter. To be honest when I first read about their plectrums I was more interested in the cool factor of plectrums made out of old albums than anything else. I knew I had to get some to improve my own cool factor. I needed to be cool by association. What I didn’t know was how impressed I’d be by the plectrums themselves. Actually, I’ve since forgotten about trying to seem cooler than I am. I’m just happy knowing I’ve got some seriously impressive little picks!

52 Amplifier Heads, week 8—Hiwatt T10HD

With all this learning I’ve been doing lately I figured it was time to take it back to the basics. I’m not an overly skilled guitarist. In fact, I’m barely a skilled guitarist. I need an amplifier that can provide me with some good tone. That’s all. If I need to add anything else, I can do that using any one of my current guitar pedals. If I start with a good tone though, surely the rest is icing on the cake. The Hiwatt T10HD could give me that sponge cake base I’m looking for!

That’s a terrible intro. Hopefully the rest of this article isn’t as half-baked.

iRig HD—Crystal clear tones for iOS guitar players

Recently I was lucky enough to win a copy of the iRig HD interface. I’ve been following IK Multimedia around the social networks long enough to know that this interface claimed to be the cleanest connection you’re likely to come across as you connect your guitar to your iOS device. I’m very skeptical normally and this time was no different. I’ve tested a few interfaces (I own several of my own) and for the most part they’re all very similar in the sound quality they provide (which is very good). When I played my guitar through my iPad using the iRig HD though, my skepticism was thrown out the window. Damn … The hype was worth it and it took me a year to realise.