Month: January 2014

Six scary questions—BeatBuddy

This whole interview people from within the guitar and music industry thing is still new to me. Luckily the people I’ve approached so far have been very welcoming and accommodating of my six (plus one) questions. As this series is a first for me, I thought it would be wise to interview someone familiar with firsts. So today’s interview is with BeatBuddy—the world’s first guitar pedal drum machine. I’m glad I managed to snare these great responses.

I appreciate any opportunity for a musical pun. Stick around, the questions begin … now!

52 Amplifier Heads, week 4—Two-Rock Exo-15

Last week I wrote about a 15 watt amplifier head. I can’t just come straight back down from those lofty heights. I am now used to the power. I’m power mad! In my search for an amp head that spoke to my metal urges, I discovered the Two-Rock Exo-15. Two-Rock is a cool name. The Exo-15 is an awesome looking head (it appears to be an all metal construction) and the videos I’ve seen make me think the amp could deliver (distorted or not).

Six scary questions—Sonoma Wireworks

The Six scary questions series of articles wouldn’t be a series without at least two articles in it. Thanks to Sonoma Wireworks, we have a series! Sonoma Wireworks has been creating software and hardware for the musical community for quite some time now. I’ve used their software and hardware, but I hadn’t asked them six scary questions yet. Because my questions aren’t actually scary, I still haven’t. I did get answers to these questions though.