Month: December 2013

52 Guitars—the summary

It took a year, but I managed to finish my series on 52 Guitars. It probably took a year because I decided to write an article each week, but I was dedicated. Some said I couldn’t do it and some didn’t care. Regardless, I did it and my website has more content than it’s ever had before. If you’ve followed at all, you now have a list of 52 guitar manufacturers. That’s right. I didn’t just select 52 guitars from the top five guitar manufacturers, I went out there and researched some luthiers I’d never heard of until this year. 2013 made me a better guitar fan. It also saw me finally receive a new guitar. 2013 was way better than 2012.

52 Guitars, week 52—Maton Guitars MS500 HC

I’ve enjoyed putting the 52 Guitars series together. Each week I’ve written about a different guitar from a different guitar manufacturer. As this is week 52, I wanted to make sure I ended on a very high note. Something that would mean a lot to me while representing a little bit of me and where I come from. I could only do that with an Australian luthier. An Australian luthier with a global following. It had to be a Maton.

52 Guitars, week 51—Knaggs Guitars Influence Electric ‘Kenai’ (Tier: 3)

If this is your first time to my website, here are a few things you need to know. Firstly, I love black and/or white. I love black and white so much I’ve dedicated this website to only black and white content. I also love guitars. I love all kinds of guitars. So when you find a guitar that combines those two loves for me, I’m one incredibly happy guy. This week I discovered the Knaggs Guitars Influence Electric “Kenai” (Tier: 3) in a faded Onyx finish and I’m ecstatic.

GuitarMoose plectrums

Recently I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the GuitarMoose offerings. I was drawn to this company by a few things. First, their name. Then their logo (I love an interesting logo) followed by their products—StickyDots, StickyGrip plectrums and SoftGrip plectrums. After trying out all three products, I have to say I’m impressed.