Month: November 2013

52 Guitars, week 47—Fender Jim Root Telecaster

This week’s guitar falls into the category of I don’t own this model, but I own a guitar from this brand. Fender may be primarily known for their Stratocasters and Telecasters, but what a range those two powerhouses have. At the time of writing this article, the Fender website has 144 Stratocasters and 106 Telecasters. Given unlimited funds I’d probably want at least half of them. At least.

52 Guitars, week 46—Buddy Blaze Guitars K2 Model 2H

Around this time last year I hoped to get a custom guitar with a reversed headstock, Floyd Rose tremolo and a pair of kick-arse pickups. That’s right … Here in Australia we say arse. Unfortunately that guitar fell-through. That hasn’t stopped me wishing for such a guitar. I liked the concept last year and I still like it today. Guitars like the Buddy Blaze Guitars K2 Model 2H make it easy to want such a guitar.

52 Guitars, week 45—Grosh Guitars Sunset ’79

Back in 1979 I visited the USA for the very first time as a young pre-teen. I spent 3 months going to school there. One of my fondest memories of the time is colour. That may seem strange coming from a website that dedicates itself to all black and white content, but it’s still true. Brightly coloured skateboards were the rage as were Harley Davidsons with the most amazing and vibrant colour schemes. I wasn’t as involved with guitars back then as I am now, but I do remember seeing some guitars and colour was big in that world too. The guitar I’ve discovered for this week’s article combines the colours of the era with some of the coolest modern features you can get in a guitar today. It also happens to be one of the sexiest designs I’ve seen. Ever.