Month: July 2013

52 Guitars, week 31—SGC Guitars Tomcat Stripe

I recently discovered that GraphTech had released some new Ratio Tuned Machine Heads for electric and acoustic guitars. Then I discovered the Sublime Guitar Company (SGC Guitars) had put those machine heads onto one of their USA Custom Tomcats (they tweeted this fact). At the same time, I discovered SGC Guitars plans on putting the GraphTech Ratio Tuned Machine Heads onto their upcoming production models. I was discovering things like I was the James Cook of the guitar world.

I was going to say I was like Christopher Columbus, but I realised I’m Australian.

52 Guitars, week 30—Washburn Guitars Paul Stanley PS1800CM

As an Australian graphic designer who uses the metric system I saw the code name of the Washburn Guitars Paul Stanley PS1800CM and thought “Damn! That’s a massive guitar!”  Although I have no idea what the 1800 refers to, I’m pretty sure the CM stands for the cracked mirror finish this awesome guitar comes with. I know KISS is big, but I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing this is a standard sized guitar that mere mortals like me can aspire to. I can’t be Paul Stanley—I’m pretty sure I wanted to do that when I was 12 years old—but I can play his electric guitar.

Scarebear (the artwork) by Xaizently

This is somewhat self-promoting, but I had to share this story. Why? Because I don’t believe it is actually about me. It’s about a talented artist I came across on deviantART named Xaizently.

Almost two years ago I was wondering what I should do with all these points I had accumulated on the deviantART website. The points are worth very little in real-world currency, but I had accumulated somewhere between 30-50 of them. Surely I could use them for something!

52 Guitars, week 28—Chubbuck Guitars Hollowbody Mousa 2

Last week I wrote about a guitar I discovered on Instagram. This week I’m sharing a guitar I discovered on Tumblr. Guitars … They’re everywhere people!

The Chubbuck Guitars Hollowbody Mousa 2 is a sexy woodgrain guitar that has an amazing looking finish (the nitrocellulose lacquer doesn’t hurt there). I really like the look of the offset double cutaway body shape and the contours that have been applied to the guitar’s front and back (both made from Flame Claro maple).