Month: June 2013

52 Guitars, week 26—Taylor Solid Body (SB2-S)

This week I’m going to do something different. I’m going to reference a guitar I’ve actually played before. Crazy right!?

Last year I was lucky enough to visit San Diego and I made sure I took the time to visit the Taylor Guitars Factory Tour. If you get the chance to participate in this tour, make sure you do. It’s guitar heaven. When I was there I played the Taylor Guitars Solid Body SB2-S (and many others from the Taylor Guitars range). Although I went there expecting to learn a lot about acoustic guitar manufacturing, I walked away with an increased appreciation for the Taylor Guitars Solid Body range. 

52 Guitars, week 25—Dean Guitars Dave Mustaine Zero Classic Black

Dave Mustaine playing something that’s not a V shaped guitar? That piece of information alone drew me to the Dean Guitars Zero range. I’ve been a fan of Dave Mustaine’s guitar playing for decades and I don’t recall him ever really playing something that wasn’t a V (excluding the ESP Axxion signature model—what was that?!)

My current favourite Dean Guitars Zero model though? Classic Black. It’s a guitar that is pure metal.

52 Guitars, week 24—Epiphone G-400 Pro

Epiphone … 140 years old this year. That’s older than Gibson! That’s pretty cool. So are many of their guitars (including the one I own of course). One I don’t own though is the G-400 Pro—an awesome looking guitar in the style of the classic SG.

The SG is one of those guitars that you recognise straight away. It’s so iconic that you often associate it with someone great (Angus Young, Tony Iommi, Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend for example). It was even the guitar shape chosen for many of the initial Guitar Hero systems! It’s also the guitar shape I’m featuring this week. Featuring with what I consider to be the extra Epiphone touches.

52 Guitars, week 23—Charvel Pro Stock DS2

Charvel sure do make some sexy guitars. I’m personally a huge fan of their San Dimas range—perfect combination of all that makes a Super Strat great. But I also like this Pro Stock DS2. It’s like a Super Les Paul. Perfect!

As the official website states, this guitar delivers a traditional slant on a contemporary guitar. Features I love include the recess under the three-way pickup selecting toggle switch and the contour of the single cutaway. The volume and tone controls also sit above some beautiful recesses. This guitar is just full of sexy curves.

Winter 2013 Amp, Guitar & Pedal Tryouts with Charles Cilia

Today I visited the Winter 2013 Amp, Guitar & Pedal Tryouts with Charles Cilia that Top Notch Guitar & Bass put on. There were some serious amplifiers, pedals and guitars on display for all to trial. I checked out the pedals and had a quick look at some of the amplifiers that were setup in the rehearsal rooms at Tall Poppy Productions, but I was really there to see the high-end custom guitars. I was not disappointed.

Today I got to experience (and play) some Nik Huber and Charles Cilia custom guitars.