Month: May 2013

52 Guitars, week 22—Ibanez DN300

I own an Ibanez. I actually own a black Ibanez. It was the first real guitar I ever purchased. Prior to that I’d gone through several guitars made by companies I’m sure don’t even make guitars anymore. Having stated all of that, I feel the need to remind myself that this weekly wishlist is about building a dream list of unique (to the collection) guitars. Luckily for me, Ibanez make plenty of guitars that I’d gladly put in my wishlist. Guitars like the DN300.

52 Guitars, week 20—Gibson Explorer Tremolo

I love it when a classic guitar has a modern twist applied to it. I love it more when that twist works! The Gibson Explorer Tremolo is such a guitar. The classic yet radical shape of the Gibson Explorer works so well with a Floyd-Rose tremolo system. They look like they should have always been together. The black and white combination used in the body and headstock paint is also a match that is made in heaven.

What’s not to love here!?