Month: April 2013

GuitarTone 2—Now with Audiobus support

When I last wrote about GuitarTone by Sonoma Wireworks, they had just released an update that allowed you to create a truly unique tone by using twin amplifier speaker/microphone combinations that generated a true stereo sound. I’d also written about my desire to be able to record the awesome GuitarTone sounds—I didn’t want to write GuitarTone tones—into either StudioTrack or FourTrack. That hasn’t happened yet, but the latest release allows you to connect GuitarTone to Audiobus.

That’ll do!

52 Guitars, week 17—Musicvox Space Cadet 6 string

If I was building a super collection of guitars with something like 52 different models, I’d want to make sure each guitar had something unique to offer. Otherwise I’d go to my guitar den—I’m pretty sure that’s what you’d call a room with 52 guitars in it—and spend all my time trying to work out which guitar was which. That would be time wasted. I should clearly be able to walk into the guitar den—that’s now a thing—and go straight to the guitar I was thinking of playing. Something like this week’s guitar, the Musicvox Space Cadet. I doubt you’d mistake it for another guitar.

52 Guitars, week 16—FGN Expert Elan Dark Evolution

I love black guitars. I also love white guitars. Anything else … Not so much. One of the things I sometimes wonder about though is “should you take fretboards into consideration when talking about guitar colour?”

The guitar I’m adding to my weekly wishlist today—the FGN Expert Elan Dark Evolution has also thought of that it seems. They’ve given people the choice between a maple fretboard for white guitars and rosewood for black guitars. Brilliant!

52 Guitars, week 15—Gretsch G6128T-DCM Duo Jet

With each new weekly guitar I try to add something a little bit different to the guitar from the week before. In fact I’m trying to make sure all 52 guitars are somehow unique. What’s the point of having a wishlist like this if each guitar doesn’t bring something new to the table. Wow … Imagine the size of the table that holds 52 guitars. It would be Game of Thrones big! Anyhow, this week’s guitar is unique and desirable. The perfect combination.