Month: March 2013

My custom Grover Allman guitar plectrums

Today is a good day. Not just because it’s Good Friday either. It’s also the day I get to write about the awesome Grover Allman custom plectrums I ordered recently. They arrived in the mail yesterday and came with a handy sticker of the Grover Allman logo—you’ve got to love that logo with its clever reversed plectrums (look at the whitespace between the cross patterns)—and a black Grover Allman wrist band. Personally I’m a big fan of black rubber wrist bands. They don’t damage your guitar while you’re playing hard.

The plectrums themselves? Well, I think they’re awesome!

52 Guitars, week 13—Squier J5 Telecaster

Right when I’m getting ready to post about the next guitar I’ll add to my wishlist, I stumble across a devastating story involving a break-in at John 5’s house. I can only imagine the emotion involved when someone steals quality, high-end equipment like John 5 has. Me, I’d be over the moon if I owned his very affordable John 5 Squier Telecaster signature model. I hope to get it one day. I hope John 5 gets his stolen higher quality gear back before that.

52 Guitars, week 12—Peavey Predator Plus ST

Back when I was a teenager (which is almost two early-teen lifetimes ago) I really wanted a Peavey Bandit 65 amplifier. That amplifier had the most amazing reverb I’d ever heard. These days I get my tone from Fender and Marshall amplification as well as my various iOS simulators. With all of those possibilities I clearly need a massive guitar collection. Well, I wish I had a massive guitar collection. Instead, I have a growing guitar collection wishlist. Which brings me back to Peavey. I want the Peavey Predator Plus ST. It’s now in my wishlist.

Custom guitar plectrums from Grover Allman

I’ve wanted to get some custom guitar plectrums for quite some time now. I’m not in a band and I’m not famous, but I’ve wanted some all the same. Why? Because thanks to Grover Allman I can! It’s simple when you look at it that way. You can order directly from the Grover Allman website or you can order using their own iPhone app. Either way, you can submit your own artwork and the plectrums are produced for you in no time at all. That’s what I’m hoping for anyhow.

52 Guitars, week 11—Framus Hollywood SC Black

I’ve often thought to myself when reading the advertisements—yes, I read advertisements—in Guitar World magazine “Those Framus guitars look pretty awesome”. It wasn’t until very recently that I worked out I have a weekly outlet for featuring guitars I think look pretty awesome which would allow me to further investigate the Framus guitars and then write about my discoveries. I’m slow on the uptake at times. A little bit like this week’s article. But here it is and here I go …