Month: January 2013

52 Guitars, week 5—Ash Customworks Diablo

I generally spend quite a bit of time each week looking for the guitar I’ll feature in my next wishlist article. This week, I let the powers of the Interweb—the social media subset in particular—do the work for me. I did that by paying attention to what other people were recommending in regards to what guitar is awesome. Tsuken—who I know from Twitter and a couple of other places—has mentioned Ash Customworks a couple of times that I’ve seen and I decided to check them out. I’m glad I did. Their guitars generally look amazing and the Diablo, looks irresistable.

My Buddemeyer Hangnail Pro—Update

When I last wrote about the guitar I’m in the process of acquiring I was able to provide pictures of a similar model being built for another guitarist who was after the same model of the Buddemeyer Hangnail Pro I am after—Smoke. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I am a big fan of guitars that are black and/or white. It’s obviously how I like my websites as well. Today, I get to share a couple of photographs of the Buddemeyer Hangnail Pro guitar that is being built for me.

David Mead’s Guitar Gym—a guitar practice workout

I discovered the David Mead: Guitar Gym app through GuitarNoize—who you should absolutely follow on Twitter and/or Facebook—when I was looking at various guitar-related iOS apps. I have a fascination with guitar-related iOS apps to be honest. I love the educational guitar apps, the amplifier simulator apps and most other music apps that allow me to use my guitars on iOS. But with the number of apps out there these days how do you find the good apps?! I’m lucky I follow smart people on Twitter. If you’re discovering the David Mead: Guitar Gym app from this article, you’re lucky through association. Congratulations!

iRig BlueBoard by IK Multimedia

The talented people at IK Multimedia have released news of another addition to the iRig family—iRig BlueBoard. The iRig BlueBoard is the first wireless MIDI pedalboard controller for iPhone, iPad and Mac. The wireless aspect of this cool new device is managed through the power of Bluetooth. Of course you can’t see the awesome blueness of the device’s buttons on this website, but trust me, it glows with the power of blue. Perhaps it’s the Bluetooth that makes the buttons glow with such amazing blueness?! Who knows?! Not me. I just know it looks amazingly cool (which works on a whole new level because blue is a cool colour—it’s a design thing).