Month: December 2012

Out with the old and in with the new

I’ve enjoyed the Blogger experience for the last year or so, but the time has come to get this website in some kind of order. For well over a year I’ve mixed up my guitar, photography and root beer/sarsaparilla interests on this one website. Why? Well, because Blogger made it so easy to do. But it was getting messy. I’d already started to combine my loves for photography and guitar. It was only a matter of time before I wrote my first ‘photographs of my new root beer coloured guitar’ article. That would simply be crossing a line I couldn’t come back from.

The beginnings of my next guitar

I’m lucky enough to own a few different guitars. I’ve tried to add a new guitar to my little collection every other year for the last 10 years or so. With each new purchase I try and get something new. Not new in the sense of the guitar not being second hand, but in the sense of the guitar having features my previous guitars didn’t have. For example, I purchased my Fender Stratocaster so I could experience the three single coil pickup scenario (plus I just wanted to own a Fender Stratocaster). I purchased my Epiphone Les Paul so I could experience the twin humbucker scenario with independent volume and control knobs. With all my current guitars, I have most scenarios covered. I guess that’s why this year I wasn’t really looking for a new guitar.

My Pro Tone Pedals Skumstortion settings

Recently I wrote about the Skumstortion pedal I purchased from Pro Tone Pedals. It’s a wicked sounding (and looking) pedal. I knew that. I’d written about it. I just hadn’t been able to share the auditory coolness with people … Until now. I bring you terrible video footage of my favourite Pro Tone Pedals Skumstortion settings.

Now I have the power of video. View (and listen) to the awesome sounds of my Skumstortion pedal!