Month: November 2012

Skumstortion by Pro Tone Pedals

Recently Pro Tone Pedals had a Flash Sale of the Skumstortion pedal which allowed me to pick it up for just $50.00 plus postage. I’d been watching Pro Tone Pedals for a while on the likes of Twitter and YouTube and always liked the look (and sound) of what I’d seen so I jumped at the opportunity. Having now received my pedal in the mail, I’m glad I did. This pedal rocks.

I might try to make my own video one day soon—this would be a first for me on this kind of thing—so you can see and hear the tonal varieties this pedal has to offer. For now, check out what I got in the mail.

Schecter amplification coming in 2013

Twice now I’ve received a little sneak peak in my email that has implied something awesome is coming from the people at Schecter. I have to say the imagery that comes with each email has made me say “Dear God! That looks to be awesome!” The imagery looks like this the picture you can see below.

Looks like … The original version has more colour. But that’s not allowed here.