Month: March 2012

JamUp Pro and Guitar World … Rock!

I love playing guitar on my iPhone. I also love that with the right apps I can play along with some songs on my guitar. What I was only smart enough to work out recently was that by using the right apps and the pedal and amp suggestions that the awesome Guitar World magazine provides, I can play along sounding somewhat like the song I’m playing along with. Handy!

Many people have figured this out before me no doubt, but I’m going to share my screenshots of presets all the same to show how you too can setup your sounds before you play along with your favourite tracks.

Guitar themed dock for RocketDock

Both of my PCs run with docks (like you’d see on most Macs). One PC is running the Ubuntu operating system (OS) while the other runs the Windows OS. The Windows machine is using the customisable RocketDock to create its dock. Customisable is good. This allows me to create my own dock themes from time to time. You can see my attempts at RocketDock theming on my deviantART page.

So why would I mention this on my Scarebear website? The answer … I have created a guitar based dock theme for RocketDock.

Megatrip—Megadeth themed road trip

Recently I went through with my planned Megatrip. A Megatrip is a road trip that has one simple rule … Nothing but Megadeth can be played in the car stereo while you’re driving. According to my PC media player, the Megadeth CD catalogue—studio albums only—goes for 10 1/2 hours. So, using the power of Google Maps, I plotted a course to a destination that was 5 1/4 hours from my house. The return trip would therefore take the required 10 1/2 hours and by the time I got home, I’d have listened to Megadeth’s studio album catalogue from beginning to end.

It was a trip my entire family was looking forward to (perhaps not as much as me).

40 metal video clips from the 80s

I currently have two teenage children. Therefore I get to listen to my fair share of currently popular music. Recently this has led me to believe that the music from my teenage years was far superior to the music of today. To prove my point I decided to post links on Twitter to 40 video clips from my teenage years (1983-1989).

When I put the clips together I did have a few moments of doubt. Especially when I focused on the quality of the video clips over the quality of the music. Was the music I listened to in the 80s superior to the music of today? Was music just better in the 80s? Generally … No. But I listen to heavy metal. And heavy metal has always been better than everything else.