Month: January 2012

Review: JamUp Plug

Now that I’ve completed my articles on the amplifier emulators I have access to on my iPhone, I thought I’d write some articles on the interfaces that make it possible to connect your guitar to your iPhone. When I first started the review process I was aware of four interfaces. That soon changed to seven. I believe I am now aware of nine. The most recent interface I’ve managed to add to my collection is the JamUp Plug by Positive Grid. It’s one of the easiest interfaces to use and it’s quickly becoming one of my favourites.

Let me show you why.

AmpKit for iPhone

AmpKit for iPhone is the last app in my lengthy guitar playing/recording on the iPhone review journey. Strangely enough, it’s one of the apps I first downloaded when I discovered that guitar playing and the iPhone worked so well together. So my journey has almost come full circle. And I’m glad I complete the journey here. AmpKit is one of my favourites in this field.

I should point out (and therefore I will) that AmpKit comes in a free version and the fully loaded AmpKit+ (for $19.99 USD). I have the free version that I’ve enhanced with all the in-app purchases I’ve made over time to get the sounds I’m searching for.

Amplitube for iPhone

AmpliTube for iPhone is one of the most complete amplifier emulator packages on the market. It’s also one of the packages out there with a great number of variations for you to choose from. There is AmpliTube FREE, AmpliTube LE and the full version of AmpliTube. There are also free and full versions of AmpliTube Fender. If you start with the free version and decide you like what you’ve got, you should decide at that point if you’re likely to want to purchase in-app or if you’re better off upgrading to LE or the full version. Whatever you do, stick with one. In-app purchases don’t transfer between apps. This isn’t a fault of AmpliTube, it’s just the iOS app way.

Me? I ended up going with AmpliTube LE. Then I bought big. Let’s see what you can end up with … using my usual black and white imagery (below).

Amps & Cabs for iPhone

Some of the amplifier emulators you can get for your iPhone are complicated beasts (with their ability to switch pedals/effects, record yourself with their built-in recording tools or similar fancy features). This is not one of those apps. Amps & Cabs (by Ground Up Audio) is an app that gives you exactly what the name implies—amplifiers and cabinets. Then you play to your heart’s content.

Simple. And with some decent sound quality thrown in. Let’s look at it in my favourite colour styling … none!

GarageBand for iPhone

GarageBand for iPhone is quite the beast. It’s not a simple guitar amplifier emulator, as it also has built in instruments you can play (and record) such as drums and keyboard. There are also smart instruments that you can utilise. But I’m not here to cover any of that. I’m here to tell you that you can plug your guitar into your iPhone (using GuitarConnect Cable, Ampkit Link or GuitarJack) and play ‘amplified’ guitar. Luckily you can also record your guitar playing in a multi-track recorder.

GarageBand is one complete package.