Month: May 2011

Recording the guitar with an iPhone

A while ago I posted this article on my custom-built and twice-hacked website. I put a lot of effort into the website and a decent amount of work into the article. It seemed logical to me to keep at least one of them. So, with minor edits that make the content relevant to this new website, here is the saved article.

I’ve not written anything in ages. That could be because I’ve been busy working on the redesign of the webWICKED website. But it’s not. Well, not entirely. That was the reason for the first week of me not posting anything here. However since then it’s been me trying to work out how to play my beloved guitars now that the family has a dog. It may not be obvious what one has to do with the other, but let me summarise quickly like this.

I had a guitar room. We needed a dog room. I lost a guitar room.

Eventually I’ll win that room back, but until then I need an alternative. And thanks to my resourcefulness, the Internet, technology and the wonders of iPhone apps, I have found many solutions. Let me list them for you.