Pro Tone Pedals Dead Horse Overdrive Halloween weekend sale

A couple of years ago Pro Tone Pedals had a pretty big sale which saw the Skumstortion pedal at an insanely cheap price. I snapped it up as soon as I saw the price. I remember because I was at my mother-in-law’s house fixing her computer when I tested her Internet connection by accessing Facebook. It was there I saw the pedal sale post.

I bought the pedal and then continued fixing the computer. Priorities.

Luckily for you all, Pro Tone Pedals is having another crazy moment. For the weekend that is Halloween-filled, Pro Tone Pedals is selling its Dead Horse Overdrive for just $149.00. If you have the money and don’t buy the pedal, you may kick yourself afterwards.

52 Amplifier Heads, week 44—3rd Power Dream Solo 2

As I continue on my weekly quest to find the perfect all-tube amplifier for a terrible guitarist such as myself, I do find myself asking “what exactly am I looking for?” When you break it down, most amplifiers are essentially a small cube that contains some tubes, wiring and a whole series of smarts to make all of the components generate that awesome tone we’re all searching for. Luckily, I realised today that another way to represent a cube was with the mathematical terminology of the third power. Why is that lucky you may wonder. Well that’s because I discovered 3rd Power amplifiers. They have a Dream Solo series that includes the Dream Solo 2.

I love it when I make a seemingly pointless ramble tie in to the amplifier I am writing about.

Campfire Guitars—great introduction to guitar playing

I came across the Campfire Guitar team on Twitter. I do spend a lot of time there after all. Perhaps they noticed me because I tweet a lot about guitars. Perhaps they noticed the part of my Twitter profile description that says Terrible guitar player. Whatever the reason, I’m glad we discovered each other. I think they’ve put together a very handy little program to teach people the basics of guitar playing. If I’d received the basics of guitar chords in this fashion when I was younger, I’ve little doubt I’d be a better guitarist today.

I am rather terrible after all.

52 Amplifier Heads, week 43—Sherlock Amplifiers Angry Ant

The other day this sheila I know reckoned it was hard to pick up on me accent through written words alone. “Fair suck of the sav” I said to meself. Surely I can make it obvious that I’m from strayaa. I mean fair dinkum, how’d ya combat a language barrier when you’re tryin’ to explain a dead set ripper of an amplifier head as part of ya weekly amplifier head series I pondered. “Well struth!” I said to meself. You’d hafta at least make sure ya covered an Aussie amplifier when speakin’ the lingo. So I did me some research and came across this beaut amplifier called the Angry Ant by Sherlock amplifiers.

I just hope youse all follow what I’m tellin’ ya now. I’m sure you’se will all be right as rain.

Moniker Guitars—now with a bass guitar configurator

Anybody who’s been here before should know that I love Moniker Guitars. I wrote about them initially in January 2013 as a part of my 52 Guitars series. I knew straight away that I wanted a Moniker Guitar. So I went ahead and bought one (a few months later). That guitar is still my go-to guitar. It’s awesome. So I can only imagine what a Moniker Guitars bass will sound and play like.

“It’s awesome” I say to myself as I imagine the bass guitar I’d build.

Luckily, you can now build your own bass guitar using the Moniker Guitars Online Guitar Configurator. … New URL, new colours, same lack of content.

I recently became aware of a new trend on the Interweb. Colour. Some people refer to it is color, but that’s OK. You can’t be right all the time. I’ve always prided myself on keeping up with the times and at times being somewhat of an Interweb pioneer. Keeping that fiction in mind, today I introduce the all new Scarebear website. There are many changes. You’ve hopefully noticed some already. Read on if you care and I’ll share the amazing details with you. I might also start explaining the details using actual facts and less fiction.


52 Amplifier Heads, week 42—Koch Studiotone

Regular readers of this weekly series will know that I’m looking for my first tube amplifier head. I’m not in a band and I’m not after something to shake the dust from the window sills. I am after some good tone though. Ideally something that records nicely. Clearly I need a studio tune. Or perhaps a Studiotone by Koch. Same diff perhaps.

That’s lame. It’s late. You get what my mind is still capable of at this hour.